Paraben Free Face Care Products - Healthy Skin Care at Its Best

Paraben Free Face Care Products - Healthy Skin Care at Its Best

By Laura Tobin

It's unbelievable the amount of parabens that are being slathered onto our skin these days. However paraben free face care products have become more popular in recent years as individuals have become more health conscious.

A paraben is the name given to common synthetic preservatives. They give skin creams a longer shelf life by inhibiting bacterial growth, mold and yeast. Parabens are also found in deodorants, food products, shampoos, conditioners and cosmetics but you can find paraben free lotions and creams.

There are different types of parabens including ethyl parabens, methyl parabens, butyl parabens and propyl parabens. These products have been used for many years without their safety being questioned. Parabens are cheaper to process and easier to obtain that natural preservatives, which is why they are used so often in inferior skin care products.

Paraben free lotions and creams are far better for your skin because parabens have been linked to the development of cancer. Companies using parabens claim that the product stays on the skin rather than being absorbed into the body but parabens have been discovered in human breast cancer tissue so that is obviously not the case.

Paraben free face care is very important, especially if anyone in your family has a history of breast cancer. If you use a cream or lotion containing parabens, you will be applying it to your skin once, twice or even three times a day, which has a cumulative effect. Add to this the months or years you may have already been using them and the effect can even be worse.

Rather than grab the cheapest skin care products on the shelf, you should always examine the ingredients. Products packed with cheap synthetic ingredients often lead to skin rashes, headaches and worse symptoms, so it is always best to choose natural skin care products and paraben free face care products for this reason. Look for lotions and creams that use plant based preservatives.

Paraben free lotions and creams might cost a bit more but what price do you put on your health? Surely it is worth paying a bit extra for a superior product containing natural ingredients which can leave your skin and body healthy and radiant and not cause any nasty side effects.

Not everybody is allergic to synthetic ingredients but sometimes these can cause invisible reactions. A rash on your face is obvious but what about breast cancer? If parabens can cause this, surely it is not worth the risk of using it. You should always opt for paraben free face care lotions and creams just to be on the safe side.

If you have been using products containing parabens, it is not too late to stop and switch to paraben free lotions and creams instead. Paraben free face care products can be hard to find but it is worth making the effort for the sake of your skin and health.  Many people are looking for paraben free lotions and creams, armed with the knowledge that parabens are a risk.


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