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Chamonix is on TV!

Chamonix has been making people happy for 16+ years with the finest natural skin care products that money can buy! Chamonix is endorsed by celebrities and doctors across this great nation and now you can turn on your TV and experience the results of Genucel, with the newest member to our family, Laurie Dhue. 

Laurie Dhue, National News Anchor and TV Personality, is telling everyone how she uses her Chamonix products and the
tremendous results she’s seeing with Genucel.  

Join Chamonix, your favorite radio personalities, and now Laurie Dhue, and look younger with Genucel!

TV Offer!

Order this Special TV package and receive only the best natural products to give you that youthful look 24/7. 

Genucel for Bags and Puffiness – Using plant stem cell technology, Genucel helps to get rid of the stubborn bags and puffiness under the eyes.
Genucel Immediate Effects – See results under the eyes in as little as 12 hours.  Perfect on-the-go little wonder!
Esotique-RF with Matrixyl – This luxurious anti-wrinkle moisturizer will help to diminish those fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin smooth.
L’essence Neck Treatment – With its key ingredient of Vitamin C, the L’essence tightens and tones the delicate skin on the neck.

Chamonix, love the skin you’re in!

“I’m 87 years old, and Genucel has worked miracles.  The puffiness is almost all gone! I just ordered my second tube.” – Barbara, TX

“I’ve now used Chamonix products for a year and have noticed remarkable improvement in my skin tone and texture. I’ll be a
life-long customer! 

“Chamonix skin care products are by far the best I have ever used and they keep my skin soft and smooth. As a senior citizen, it feels great to hear a friend say, “you have beautiful skin.” What a positive attribute to these wonderful and eective
products!”- Rebecca, OH