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NEW gen90 Instant Treatment for Under Eye Bags

Targets Under Eye Bags and Puffiness
(50 customer reviews)

NEW gen90 Instant Treatment for Under Eye Bags

(50 customer reviews)

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gen90® gets rid of those tired eyes while diminishing the appearance of bags & puffiness.

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Product Details

gen90® helps to get rid of those tired eyes while diminishing the appearance of bags & puffiness. gen90® contains the proprietary complex of “micro-fillers” that work together to plump and firm the skin simultaneously to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give you a youthful expression and soft, supple skin.

gen90® promises to safely and naturally reduce the appearance of under eye bags and puffiness for younger looking skin.

gen90® is the next generation of the genucel plant stem therapy line. It was designed to work with genucel for faster, more noticeable results.

  • Reduce the appearance of under eye bags in just 90 seconds!
  • Works with genucel for more immediate effects
  • Tightens and tones the appearance of the skin
  • Diminishes the appearance of puffy eyes


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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

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  1. by Mervat Seddik on

    i received this product as a present, but i don” t know how to use it, can you please advise. thnx

    • by Chamonix on

      Hello Seddik,
      Please call our customer service to further assist you at 800-754-6211. Thank you.

  2. gen 90

    by Glee Klocke on

    gen 90 is amazing and the only thing i fet worked for me!

  3. by Mary Kay Waldo on

    I can honestly say this is the FIRST product I have ever tried, and I’ve tried many, that does what I want it to do. It’s amazing and people say I look so youthful. I am very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it.

  4. by dguerr1952 on

    I especially love the Gen 90 for under my eyes. I use in conjunction with the plant stem cell therapy for bags and puffiness. It really works!

  5. Gen90 Works Instantly

    by Barbara Tacinelli on

    Gen90 works visibly instantly (within minutes) as described to tighten the appearance of skin under the eyes and reduce the appearance of bags and puffiness. A small amount goes a long way. It goes on smoothly and has a very natural appearance, i.e., no whiteness or cracking. If too much is applied and whiteness appears, just apply genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy for Bags and Puffiness. Keep in mind that the effects last until you wash it off. This is a great product for instant improvement of your appearance. It sets the appearance of under eye aging process back. I am very happy with this product.

  6. by Chamonix on

    Hello Cheryl,
    Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear you have such great results! Thank you for using Chamonix products!

  7. by Cheryl Diedolf on

    I have been using Gen 90 Instant Treatment for Under Eye Bags for about a year and really do see instant results. After applying treatment (a little goes a long way), under eye bags are totally gone in about 20 minutes and results continue to be seen until I wash my face at night. Was skeptical at first, but now I am a true believer of the effectiveness of this under eye bag treatment. After clicking submit of this review, I will be calling to order another tube. Thank you Chamonix for a wonderful product with proven results!

  8. by Chamonix on

    Hello Cathy,
    Thank you for your honest feedback! This product also works well with our Genucel Immediate Effects. You can apply a small amount along with a moisturizer. Please contact our customer service department for a sample @ 1800-754-6211 they will be happy to assist you. Thank you for using Chamonnix!

  9. by Cathy Halay on

    This was OK. I am not really sure it does anything. But I do feel a slight tightening, so I think I am going to continue using it!

  10. by Chamonix on

    Hello Phil,

    We are so excited to hear how much you are enjoying our Gen90! Thank you for using Chamonix!

  11. by phil on

    Really tightens up the bags! Goes a long way.

  12. by Chamonix on

    Hello Susan,

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback! Hearing positive experiences about our products from customers like yourself really leaves an impact on our company as whole. Thank you for using Chamonix!

  13. by Susan R. on

    I have been using gen90 Instant eye treatment for 4 months now. WOW what a fabulous product! It is the best instant eye treatment for bags out there. I am 69 years old and love how my eyes look so youthful. Love, love, love this product!!!

  14. by Chamonix on

    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for sharing your success with our Gen90! Your feedback really makes an impact on our company. Thank you for using Chamonix and for your awesome feedback!

  15. by Chris on

    I LOVE gen 90! At 64 years of age I now need no under eye concealer for the first time in years. The results were immediate and amazing. Like another user mentioned, I was planning a cosmetic eye procedure. Not anymore!

  16. by Chamonix on

    Hello Ro,

    We are delighted to hear that you guys have experienced success from the Gen90! We often have promotions that allow you to purchase your favorite products at a discounted price. Thank you so much for your honest feedback!

  17. by RO on

    My husband loves gen 90. He’s 74 and the appearance of his bags are gone. He looks Great! Only wish wasn’t so costly

  18. by Chamonix on

    Hello Maria,
    Thank you for your feedback! We are pleased to hear you are happy with the Gen90. Thank you for using Chamonix!

  19. by Maria on

    Great product! I have used it for two weeks and am very happy with the results.
    Makeup goes on smoothly.

  20. by Chamonix on

    Hello Stephanie,
    Thank you for your feedback! We are very pleased to hear you are happy with our product! Thanks so much for using Chamonix products!

  21. by Stephanie on

    I just received my order a week ago and I find with use of gen90 instant treatment for under eye bags to be amazing!
    I felt my puffiness and bags disappear. My skin felt tight. I am hooked. Thank you Chamonix.

  22. by Chamonix on

    hello Barbara,
    Thank you for your feedback! We are pleased to hear the product is working for you. We know you will like our other products! One of my favorite is the Esotique XV Plant Stem Cell Therapy anti-wrinkle cream. Thanks so much for using Chamonix products!

  23. by Barbara Brita on

    This is a fabulous product if used correctly. There is definitely a “learning curve” and experimenting is necessary. Don’t give up. It took me quite a few times to get it just right. As mentioned – you must use only a little serum or it will leave a white crusty film. Since using an eye cream over it may reduce effectiveness – I make sure to wash my face well every nite and remove all gen 90 product then apply a soothing eye cream to the under eye area overnite to counteract any dryness resulting from the Gen 90. Also, probably not going to work so well if once applied one is sweating or out in extreme humidity. The product does have it’s limitations!. I’ve been using the product for about 3 weeks now and so far no negative or adverse reactions. I hope that continues…..But – it is so worth the results!!!!!! I was seriously considering surgery for my bags…….not now!!!

  24. by Chamonix on

    Hello Hazel,
    Thank you for your feedback! We are very pleased to hear you are happy with our product! Thanks so much for using Chamonix products!

  25. by Hazel Dennison on

    I’ve purchased the 700 dollar product – this works just as well as that product -love it!

  26. by Chamonix on

    Hello Mary,
    Thank you for your interest! One tube of Gen90 is a 2 month supply only used once a day. Please contact our customer service @ 800-754-6200 for our latest promotions.

  27. by Mary L Tuggle on

    I’m considering buying this product. How long does a tube normally last? It is more expensive than I was hoping, but, if it lasts a while, I will purchase a tube.

  28. by Robin Osgood on

    I have been using this product, along with the whole regime, and I find the results from the appearance of anti puffiness AMAZING! I have tried many others only to find that they are a temporary solution, at best.

  29. by Chamonix on

    Hello Joan,
    Thank you for your feedback! We are very pleased to hear you are happy with our product! Thanks so much for using Chamonix products!

  30. by joan on

    I think this product is the most effective I’ve tried. I wont be without it.

  31. by Kathy Liu on

    Hello Hazel,
    Just read your review. Thank you for sharing!
    May I ask if you put on the Gen 90 cream before eye-cream and make up? Or Gen 90 is the last thing to put on?
    Thank you

  32. by Chamonix on

    Hello Ms. Robinson,
    Thank you for your feedback! We are very pleased to hear you are happy with our product! Thanks so much for using Chamonix products!

  33. by Catherine Robinson on

    Unbelievable! An affordable product that actually works! I have found great success to a great degree with all Chamonix products but this is a game changer. I am 70 with the usual problems of looking tired from time to time and having dry skin. Gen90 and Esotique are the answers I sought for!

  34. by Chamonix on

    Hello Ms. Warren,
    Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We are very pleased to hear you are happy with our product! Thanks so much for using Chamonix products!

  35. by mary jane warren on

    I am very satisfied with Gen 90 for reducing the appearance of my undereye bags…….I’m ordering it again and
    will on a regular basis.

  36. by Joe Bovino on

    I have tried everything to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness and wasted so much money. Well, this is the only product that’s ever worked for me, and I use it every day. Just bought another one for myself and my mother for Christmas and look forward to trying other products offered by your company as well.

  37. by Kay on

    I purchase Gen90 for my daughter who has under eye puffiness from time to time. She loves it so I most likely purchase it again. Have not tried any other products.

  38. by Dianne on

    gen90 is amazing – I saw results very fast! Love a number of the products, but this is by far my favorite. Even my daughter noticed the difference.

  39. by Hazel Dennison on

    Gen 90 works well for me – the other product did nothing (plant stem cell therapy)-glad I gave them a second chance. As with Ann -if your face is moist (such as moisturizer or showering after putting it on) -the puffiness returns. I use a CC product on my face -and apply the Gen 90 over it – amazing -pricey -but the only other brand that even came close is over 600 dollars a tube !! Will probably come back to Gen 90 if my next “attempted less expensive product” does not provide results.

  40. by Pat Mowrer on

    Love this product! Really works and diminishes puffiness

  41. by Melissa on

    I just got this product a few days ago and I can’t believe it!! It is amazing. I’ve been using the Genucel Plant Stem Therapy since July and thought I would try this. It works IMMEDIATELY!!!! I’m excited to get up in the morning now and put it on!!!

  42. by Paul on

    Product works quite well. Like it very much.

  43. by barbara seddon on

    To date, see visible results under eyes. Hope it continues. A good product.

  44. by Karel Jelinek on

    A friend of mine let me try this product and I was amazed. I used it for eye wrinkles, wrinkles between my eyes and above my lips. I am 66 years old and it worked well. It did not remove the wrinkles, but it did make them appear less prominent. I called my friend and told him that I thought I had found the fountain of youth. There is a little white powder sometimes, but I just brushed it off and put my makeup on! Would highly recommend!

  45. by Ann Minasola on

    I have been using the “instant treatment” and it does work, but when I apply my moisturizer, the puffiness returns.

  46. by Chamonix on

    Hi Ms. Martin,
    I apologize this product did not work for you! If you didn’t already, may I suggest trying again by sweeping a very thin amount of serum beginning from the inner corner of your under-eye and spread outward over the eye bags. After this, please lightly tap finger over application area to aid in the drying process. The product activation can be optimized by fanning the area to make dry faster. Please make sure to completely dry before putting on make-up. After applying make-up over the area, use a lightly damp sponge to blend make-up around the eye area.

    If whiteness continues to appear, please make sure you are using the recommended amount – too much product dispensed and applied will cause whiteness in the product. Some people do prefer to use other eye creams and moisturizers on the eye area once the area is dry to decrease the area from drying out.

    When it comes to this product, less is more. Only use very thin amounts. Please try again and let us know if there is any difference! We appreciate your feedback and would love for you to receive the amazing results so many other customers are seeing!

    Feel free to reach us at 1-800-754-6211 or [email protected] if the whiteness continues. Again, thank you so much for your honest review.

  47. by Margaret martin on

    Initially when you put it on and appears to work. After it dries I had this white crusty stuff underneath my eyes and it was very painful I would never ever recommend the stuff

  48. by Neil Sherman on

    This product is amazing , it works from the first time you apply it.

  49. by Pamela on

    Hi @patricia…are you using the gen90 instant by itself or along with the plant stem cell therapy product? Thanks.

  50. by Patricia Owens on

    Just started this yesterday but already know if you follow instructions you will not end up with a fine peeling white crust like I did with similar product from a different company. Think I am going to like it.

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