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NEW! Genucel Skin Repair for Chest & Neck Wrinkles

NEW! Genucel Skin Repair for Chest & Neck Wrinkles

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The genucel crepey skin repair was carefully crafted to combine the anti-aging boosting results of apple stem technology with the restorative benefits of MDL® Technology to target, smooth, and visibly erase crepey skin of the chest and neck wrinkles. It also visibly plumps the lipophilic layers of your skin to contour, hydrate and firm loose skin. By combining MDL® Technology with revitalizing natural peptides the appearance of your skin will look years younger and rejuvenated in just a few days!



  • Combination of apple stem cell technology, MDL® Technology, and antioxidants
  • Smooth out appearance of any lines and wrinkles in the chest & neck area
  • Delay further wrinkling and crepey skin
  • Visibly even tone and texture
  • Softer, smoother, younger looking skin guaranteed

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