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ProVia-10 Super Concentrate

For Thinning Hair
(5 customer reviews)

ProVia-10 Super Concentrate

(5 customer reviews)

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ProVia-10 Super Concentrate gives your hair follicles four times the concentration of Procapil to achieve even better results!

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Product Details

ProVia-10 Super Concentrate with 10% Procapil

Natural solution to a big problem!

For over twenty years, American men and women with premature hair thinning and felt helpless. They only had one option for an over the counter ingredient that showed decent results but came with a very high expense of unwanted effects. How would you like to treat your hair problems with an natural solution that restores your hair back to a healthy, fuller looking appearance?

Procapil is a natural ingredient that at a 2%- 2.5% concentration was proven in clinical studies to deliver great results!  Efficacy in treating hair thinning with no side effects.

We launched ProVia-2 a few years back. Chamonix customers who tried the original ProVia for 12 weeks (the course recommended in clinical testing) saw great results and became loyal customers over the years.

ProVia-10 Super Concentrate gives your hair follicles four times the concentration of Procapil to achieve even better results!

Give your hair an extra boost with our newest, latest product!

Used one week per month, ProVia-10 will give you:

  • Faster Results
  • Better Appearance
  • More Pronounced Thickness
  • And More!

Don’t let your hair down!

Get Thicker, Fuller, Healthier, Hair Now!

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Customer Reviews

2.3 out of 5 stars

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  1. by Mel on

    The product works!

    • Thank You.

      by Chamonix on

      Hello Mel,
      Thank you for your feedback! We are excited to hear this product is working for you. Thank you for using Chamonix!

  2. by Nick on

    Never give your phone number to Chamonix. If you do, they will call you at least twice a day, every day, for the rest of your life.
    You can request they remove you from their call list, but that will only last a few months.
    When they resume calling, repeat the process every few months, for the rest of your life.

  3. by Agnes Rath on

    I have been using this product, as well as ProVia-10, for over 2 years. I have not been blessed with thick hair so when I purchased my first bottle of Provia-2, I was hopeful and also skeptical. It was at the same time that I decided to go ‘grey’. Perhaps it is a combination of the two, Pro Via and going grey, but I have the most beautiful hair now. I am constantly getting compliments. My natural curl has returned. Thank you.

  4. by Josephine from New York on

    The product and their “Preferred” customer service is a sham. They nickle and dime you if you want to return the product. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Would not ever deal with this company again.

  5. by Lynn from Short Hills, NJ on

    This product does not work. Do not waste your time and money. I used it faithfully for 3 months with no positive results – zero improvement. When I called for a refund, I was given a merchandise credit.
    If you have hopes of improving your hair, do not place your trust in this product to do it.
    Previously, I had used Walgreens brand of Minoxidil,with positive results, for half the price. Goodbye forever ProVia and hello again Minoxidil.

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