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Package 4

Package 4

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Package 4
genucel XV anti-wrinkle treatment (4oz)
genucel for Bags & Puffiness (.5oz)
genucel immediate effects (.65oz)

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Package 4
genucel XV  (4oz)
genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy (.5oz)
genucel Immediate Effects (.65oz)

genucel XV 

Our softest, silkiest most effective and advanced wrinkle treatment yet!

genucel XV incorporates the latest Plant Stem Cell technology with new peptides, hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, along with Enzyme Activation™ group (vitamins B3, B6) delivers outstanding moisturizing and anti-aging effects!

Our classic proprietary base of calendula flower and essential oil extracts insure that the formula is absorbed without causing sensitivity or clogged pores.

This is not just a wrinkle cream – it is transformative skin care for those who dare to defy age!

No mineral, no petroleum by-products and no pharmaceuticals preservatives!


genucel XV

  • New Peptides
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • CoQ10
  • Enzyme Activation™ Group (Vitamins B3, B6)
  • proprietary base of calendula flower and essential oil extracts

No mineral, no petroleum by-products, and no pharmaceuticals preservatives!

How to Use

genucel XV

Apply to a cleansed face using upward circular motion until completely absorbed. For best results, use twice a day.


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