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Platinum Dark Circle Treatment

Targets Dark Circles Under Eyes
(11 customer reviews)

Platinum Dark Circle Treatment

(11 customer reviews)

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Features Haloxyl, proven to help eliminate the appearance of unsightly dark areas under your eyes…

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Product Details

Platinum Dark Circle Treatment features Haloxyl, which has been shown to visibly reduce the appearance of dark skin under the eyes.

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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

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  1. by Lana A. Hertel on

    I have tried several different products to get rid of my dark circles..esp. one eye. I have been using Platinum Chamonix for two weeks, at least 3 times per day. I am seeing no change. Feeling disappointed.

    • Thank You.

      by Chamonix on

      Hello Lana,
      I am sorry that you are not seeing much result with our Platinum Dark Circle Treatment. We recently came out with a more advanced formula: our Genucel Dark Circle treatment. We would recommend trying our Genucel Dark Circle Treatment as it may be a better fit for you. If you have further questions about how to use these products our customer service will be more than glad to help you. You can reach us at: 1-800-754-6211 from 9am-8pm EST. Thank you!

  2. by Robyn Hayden on

    I love this product! I have only used it for a week, and I already see lightening of the appearance of the dark circles that were under my eyes. I’m using it twice a day, and I know it works!

    • Thank You.

      by Chamonix on

      Hello Robyn,
      It is great to hear that you are getting great results from our Platinum Dark Circle treatment. It really is awesome a product. Thank you for using Chamonix!

  3. by Linda Beth Howard on

    This is my favorite product. It has gotten rid of the appearance of most of my dark spots on my face and my hands. Just a couple of dark spots left on my face. I would recommend this to any elderly person with age spots.

    • Thank You.

      by Chamonix on

      Hello Linda Beth,
      Thank you for your feedback! We are very pleased to hear you are happy with our product! Thanks so much for using Chamonix products!

  4. by Suzanne Brown on

    Love this product The dark circles that were so noticeable before have lightened considerably. At age 70 dark circles can be very noticeable. Very happy w/this product, therefore, highly recommend it.

  5. by Brenda on

    I don’t think this has done anything to my under eyes. I’ve had it for over two months now and see nothing. I use it every night and every morning, but I still have the dark circles under and around my eyes. I have paid a lot of money for this product and not to see results is very disappointing.

  6. by VGanji on

    Very Effective!

  7. by Lisa on

    I don’t think this has done anything to my under eyes. I’ve had it for over two months now and see nothing. Even my friend whom I ask to keep an eye out has seen no improvement. I do not rate it as anything unless it’s from your dermo that has a product that has a bleaching affect. Too much money for this with no results.

  8. by Kathleen S. Schmitt on

    This product seemed to lessen the intensity of the dark eye circles.

  9. by Patricia from Deer Park on

    Have been using this cream for 2 years with excellent results. I have suggested it to friends and family.

  10. by Pamela from Warwick on

    Love this product. Use it every day.

  11. by Magdalene from Alliance on

    I have been using this eye treatment alternating with the Jeunesse and I can notice a difference when not the alternate! Both are great products but when I have excessive dark circles this is the best product to use!

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