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T-Gen For Men

Premium Free Testosterone Support Formula
(29 customer reviews)

T-Gen For Men

(29 customer reviews)


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Now there’s a Natural Solution to restoring that youthful feeling!
Have you been looking for a way to naturally maintain your free testosterone levels safely? Well now there is an answer! T-Gen contains ingredients that are backed by science to make it all possible.

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Product Details

Introducing T-Gen for Men! Natural Free Testosterone Support Formula

Now there’s a Natural Solution to restoring that youthful feeling!

Have you been looking for a way to naturally maintain your free testosterone levels safely? Well now there is an answer! T-Gen contains ingredients that are backed by science to make it all possible.

T-GEN’s key ingredients work together to not only maintain healthy free¬†testosterone levels, but also promote prostate health.

Please consult a physician regarding a PSA exam before taking any testosterone boosting supplement.

Testimonials are based on actual results from real T-Gen users.
Results are not typical and vary from person to person.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Yeah, it really works.

    by David S. on

    I take the T-Gen and Nitro Boost combo and couldn’t be happier with both products. I was smoking way too much, drinking way too much soda and eating poorly. My energy levels were rock bottom. At 51 I knew I had to make a serious change, so I did. Got rid of the smokes and soda, changed my diet completely, and started drinking tons of water and working out regularly and pushing myself, all while taking T -Gen and Nitro Boost. The results are so incredible, and i feel and look so much better. My energy levels and stamina are back, and it’s a great feeling. Granted, eating right and exercise makes you feel better even if you aren’t taking a supplement, but the T-Gen gives you an undeniable and noticeable boost, no question about it. This stuff really works guys. Try it.

    • by Jade on

      Thank you so much for your feedback David! We are so happy to hear about your results and overjoyed that we could be a part of your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

  2. by Michele on

    Does it really work or is it more mental? My man has no desire at all the last two years..I thought it was me!!

  3. by Bill Montag on

    Thought I’d give it a try,too soon to tell.

  4. by Michael from Middleboro on

    I have been using this product for 2 years and I am very satisfied with the results. I have more energy and very rarely get fatigued even after a stressful work day or heavy duty workout at the gym. I have lost 35 lbs. using T-Gen along with an improved diet and exercise routine.

  5. by Bob on

    I have been using T-Gen for several years to help maintain muscle tone and keep weight off. The results have been very good.

  6. by MM from AZ on

    I haven’t been using the product very long and actually only take it about 2-3 times per week, but do feel like I have more energy and a better mood.

  7. by Denise from Belleville on

    I have purchased this product for nearly 1 year and my husband feels it is helping and has a much higher energy level.

  8. by Mark from San Diego on

    absolutely works…feel energized, alert. sleeping better,
    more stamina and interest. workouts are better and overall feeling of youth and well-being. try it!

  9. by Robert from Pleasantville, NY on

    i find that since i have been taking t-gen i have better stamina and feel younger.

  10. by Stephen from Franklin on

    I’ve been using T-Gen for about 6 months and I am getting good results. Better than expected, really. My “grumpy old man” attitude is better. My wife and I are enjoying the better performance everyone really wants to hear about too.
    I have also noticed some improvement in prostate issues too, which I didn’t expect.
    So even though it’s a little pricey for me, I’m going to keep going – the benefits are definitely worth it to me.

  11. by Kirk from Poughkeepsie on

    After using T-gen for the first two months I didn’t notice a benefit so I stopped. It only took a few days before I realized that I felt more sluggish and less energetic without it. The effects are gradual and not overwhelming, but they are very real. I have resumed taking T-gen regularly and can say that the benefits are well worth the expense.

  12. by Rick from Canmore on

    For those guys out there that are wondering whether or not this product actually works I can most definitely say it does…I’ve just finished my first two months on T-Gen and I have seen a significant body comp change – I’ve become leaner and have increased my body mass index enough that friends have been continually commenting on how much bigger and leaner I am looking – now at 48 years of age this is encouraging and welcome – i sleep solid and have great energy consistently throughout the day.
    I’ve just ordered my second round of T-Gen and look forward to continued improvements over the next two months…please know that resistance exercising is a daily routine for me so a little help from T-Gen and a little sweat go a long way…without a doubt a fantastic combination of a healthy product and a healthy exercise program using TRX…

  13. by Mike from Chino Hills on

    I have been using T-Gen and Heart Factor together for 3 months now and it seems to be giving me more energy and motivation.

  14. by Stephen from Londonderry on

    I’ve been using T-Gen for about six months now. At nearly age 60 I have noticed an improved general feeling of well-being.

  15. by C. L. from Atlanta on

    I have found this product to do enhance and improve the way I feel and I have not found another product that has the true ingredients that this product has which I have looked but with no luck.

  16. by Warren Davis from West Orange on

    Started using the product 8 weeks and I found the product to be far superior than the other 4 products that claim to do the same thing. I strongly recommend this product

  17. by Robert from NY on

    I ran out of T-Gen after taking it for months and can tell the difference. That will never happen again.

  18. by George from Freeport on

    I’m VERY satisfied with the results T-GEN offers. I would recommend it to any man who needs a little boost in the energy and drive department. Thanks!

  19. by Judy from Florida on

    My husband has been using this for 3+ months with no improvement in the frequency of his erections.

  20. by Doug from Atlanta on

    I have been using the product for 5 months, I have more energy and I started back exercising.

  21. by Anthony from Natick on

    It works, but I wouldn’t pay full price.

  22. by John from Austin on

    After using the product for about 3 months, I feel much more energetic. Much more motivated to exercise.

  23. by Ed from Madison on

    I have more energy since taking T GEN and have a better attitude. This is my second order.

  24. by Pat, MA from Gloucester on

    We heard over and over how great this product was for just overall wellness, energy etc. We doubted it…but thought to give it a try….Well, we can say it’s been excellent. In fact – my husband lets me know about 2 weeks in advance of needing a new bottle so he won’t run out!

  25. by Richard from Saddle Brook, NJ on

    I have felt more energy ever since starting this product when first introduced and I trust the fact that it is natural!

  26. by Bervan from El Paso on

    It works for me!

  27. by Richard from Reno, NV on

    This puts the hope in your rope!

  28. by Gina, NJ from Totowa on

    My husband tried T-Gen for a month and we both noticed his ‘desire’ increased right away! We just ordered 2 bottles & got 1 free. After he ran out the first month, he asked me to order more. That was all I needed to hear because I certainly liked the other effects it had on him as well! Great product!! Thanks

  29. by John, WI from Saxeville on

    After about 10 weeks, and after increasing the dosage to 4 capsules a day, I saw noticeable improvements in sex drive, and less tiredness.

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