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Th-121 Plus

Achieve weight loss goals with no side effects!
(20 customer reviews)

Th-121 Plus

(20 customer reviews)


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Th-121 Plus Antioxidant
Anti-Aging Weight Control Formula
(60 capsules)

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Th-121 Plus is a super-charged version of the original bestseller Th-121. Th-121 Plus lives up to the same philosophy of the original as a super antioxidant, anti-aging weight loss supplement with no jitters, anxiety or side effects.

Th-121 Plus contains the same astounding collection of antioxidants and berry extracts with no stimulants or excessive amounts of caffeine. (The new Th-121 Plus contains less caffeine than a small cup of coffee!)

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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars

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  1. by Karen on

    I love this product. I have managed to keep my weight off thanks to this magic. It is truly remarkable

    • Thank You.

      by Chamonix on

      Hello Karen,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Chamonix. We are so glad that you are enjoying our products. We hope to continue to keep you a happy customer!

  2. by karen on

    I love this product. I don’t know what makes it work, but it does. I have managed to keep my weight off thanks to this magic.

  3. by Sandra Reingier on

    I LOVE TH121 Plus!! I have actually been using it for a few years and find I have the perfect amount of energy to get through my busy days. If ever I am feeling sluggish and cant quite get moving, 9 times out of 10 I realize I haven’t taken my TH121. I also am not as focused on food when I am taking these. I can have a healthy breakfast, start my day and at 1:00 or 2:00 realize I am ready for some lunch. Thank you for this product! I hope it is around forever!!

    • Thank You.

      by Chamonix on

      Hello Sandra,
      Thank you for sharing your experience with our TH-121 Plus. Your feedback really leaves an impact on our company. Thank you for your honest feedback and for using Chamonix!

  4. by Lisa on

    Great product. I’ve been using this for years to control my appetite. I highly recommend TH121plus!

  5. by Mary on

    Worked well for me

  6. by Gerry Dumont on

    TH-121 Plus supplement really helped me a lot to stay slim & trim. It raises your metabolic rate. I had more energy & it curb my appetite.

  7. by Sandra Rowe from McKinney, TX on

    I have been very successful with more energy and reduction of appetite. I recommend the product.

  8. by Fern Steinberg from springfield, NJ on

    Didn’t work at all

  9. by Lisa Sullivan from Saugus, MA on

    I love the energy boost this product gives me. I’m more productive through the whole day and into the evening and I find myself looking forward to exercise which is unheard of for me! I know it has helped with the weight loss but I have not been keeping track of numbers but my clothes have started to hang off of me. I have already recommended it to several people!

  10. by Brinda Prichard from Hamilton, MO on

    This product has helped me lose weight. I also have more energy and I’m sleeping better, too. You still have to watch your diet and exercise, of course. But using this makes it easier. I just reordered some more.

  11. by Hildegard Bosco from Leonia, NJ on

    From Hilde

    I had used this product before. It worked at first and than i didn’t see much success, but I will try again.

  12. by Sarah Kisner from Wall Township, NJ on

    I’ve been using this product for weeks and I have more energy and sleep better.

  13. by Romana Frys-Olejnik from Cliffside Park, NJ on

    So far this product works for me!!Thanks!

  14. by Marcia Gesell from North Caldwell, NJ on

    Great Product. Good value for money.

  15. by Susan Von senden from Guttenberg, IA on

    Great Product. Really good value for money.

  16. by Margaret Kelly from Abington, MA on

    Great product. Really good value for money.

  17. by Elizabeth Dones from Sharon, MA on

    This product has helped me keep the pounds off. I had already lost weight when I started using this product; after a while your body stop losing, but continuing the use of this product will help you keep if off. Exercise and healthy diet alone with it, helps.

  18. by Jacolyn Fleury from Attleboro, MA on

    So far I think that this product works well

  19. by Jerold Gnazzo from Port Aransas, TX on

    I think it is helping. At this age it’s still a battle.

  20. by Anna Mascolo from Fairview, NJ on

    It takes time, but be patient…lose inches not pounds…lost 15 and have kept it off…no nervous spells…recommend it.

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