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How Your Face Ages

 As you age, the amount of collagen in your skin decreases, and wrinkles start to appear around your eyes, then below your cheeks, and around your lips. You are born with a great deal of collagen, but your body stops producing collagen in your mid to late 20s, which is why fine lines and wrinkles start to appear around the eyes in our 30s. After age 30, your skin’s collagen levels drop 10-20 percent each year. Therefore, by age 40, you have lost 10-20 percent of the collagen in your skin. By age 50, your collagen levels are down 20-40 percent. Your collagen loss continues at that rate for the rest of your life. Our own body’s enzymes contribute to breaking down our collagen as we age but sun exposure, pollution, smoke, and other factors also contribute to our loss of collagen.


 First to show lines are usually the eyes, with puffiness under the eyes and crow’s feet at the edges. Then the lines from the nose to the lips deepen and eventually wrinkles appear on the eyelids and around the lips. Outside factors—pollution, sunlight, and smoke—can also attribute to you losing collagen faster. If you have rubbed or tugged the skin under you eyes much through the years, this skin will become more fragile and fill more easily with fluid causing puffiness.

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