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Chamonix TV Spots

Chamonix® has long had a presence in the national media, including TV and radio endorsements from high-profile physicians, personalities and celebrities who have experienced the truly remarkable effects of our anti-aging skin cream, eye wrinkle cream and other anti-aging treatments, and want to share their discovery with the world.

We invite you to watch, listen, and learn more about our groundbreaking anti-aging skin care products.

Genucel For Eye Bags and Puffiness with Dr. Gina Louden

Genucel with Laurie Dhue & Suzanne Sena

TV Celebrity Suzanne Sena with Ingrid Hoffman, author of Simply Delicioso

TV Celebrity Ingrid Hoffman, author of Simply Delicioso on genucel for bags & puffiness

Fox News Anchor Laurie Dhue loves Chamonix products

The Chamonix 5 Minute Challenge

Chamonix Jeunesse 5 Minute Eye Crème

CEO George Faltaous speaks about Heart Factors Plus on the Imus Radiothon

Chamonix Hand Magic Hand Cream TV Ad

CEO George Faltaous on Imus in the Morning