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Anti-Aging Essentials

As we age, prolonged exposure to free radicals in the environment, as well as internal factors such as stress, gradually lead to skin concerns. The real problem is only because the vast majority of anti-aging skin care products, available from Wal-Mart to Nordstrom, aren’t getting it right.

The problem starts at the base. Have you ever noticed how often you see ingredients like mineral oil (also known as paraffin and petrolatum) in skin care products? Mineral oil is ubiquitous as a base in anti-aging skin cream, even though it’s actually a by-product of petroleum – just like the oil you put in your car. It’s cheap to produce, and gives the appearance (at least at first) of working: It makes your skin shiny, and seals in moisture. It also seals your pores, which causes inflammation, and eventually, collagen damage.

As a strict matter of policy, and a promise to our many loyal customers, Chamonix® never uses mineral oil, petroleum by-products or pharmaceutical preservatives in our anti-aging skin care products. And, we never test on animals. Our luxurious antioxidant skin care formulations contain only pure ingredients in a proprietary base of calendula extract. They help repair damage, protect against free radicals, build collagen and smooth wrinkles without irritation, allergic reactions or other side effects.

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