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Isn’t it awful how a little thing like a tiny quarter-inch-wide stripe under your eye can make you look ten years older and fatigued? It just doesn’t seem fair, especially since dark circles under eyes can start to show up during childhood, and while things like alcohol and lack of sleep make them much worse, for some of us, they seem to just show up and hang around, even when we are being pretty well behaved.

What Causes Dark Skin Around Eyes

It sounds more like something you’d find in outer space than on your own face, but “periorbital dark circles” occur when blood vessels show through the thin layer of skin below your eyes. The skin there is much thinner than it is on most of your body—actually only about a quarter as thick, so that’s why the problem of blood vessels showing is a problem there and not elsewhere.

Just like the veins in your hands and wrists, the blood vessels appear blue or some similar dark color and because the skin there is thin and the vessels are small, they make it look like your skin is darker in that area instead of looking like lines. To make matters worse, as we age it becomes thinner, which causes the effect to be more pronounced. In addition to all the other skin damage that sunbathing can cause, it also breaks down collagen, thus speeding up the skin-thinning process, so there’s another reason to embrace the pale and forego the tan.

Seasonal allergies are another cause of dark skin around eyes. If you have allergies, your body releases histamines that inflame blood vessels.

Eye puffiness or bags under the eyes goes hand in hand with dark circles under eyes, and unfortunately exacerbates the problem. The puffiness is usually a buildup of fluid, which increases pressure and pushes the blood vessels closer to the surface, so the appearance of dark circles is increased.

Unfortunately, under eye puffiness can also just be an effect of aging, and dark circles can be genetic. For a lot of people, the cause of the dark skin around eyes is a combination of the above factors.


Remedies for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Hopefully all that was interesting, but what you probably really want to know is how to get rid of dark circles. However, understanding the cause can help lead to a solution!

Remember when you were little and your mother would tell you, “Quit rubbing your eyes”? Her reasons were probably more closely related to worry about scratching your cornea than causing dark skin around your eyes, but rubbing (or worse yet, scratching) can cause or worsen those dreaded dark circles. So take Mom’s good advice now, even if you didn’t then, and don’t put pressure on the skin under your eyes.

She probably also told you not to stay up too late at night, don’t drink alcohol and avoid eating too much salt. All good advice for someone whose complaint is dark skin around their eyes. Hydration is important, though, so don’t think you can reduce puffiness under your eyes by drinking less water. For some reason a bad salt balance makes you hold it in the wrong places, so remember more water, less salt.

There are a bunch of natural remedies that you can find online that are supposed to give you some relief from puffy eyes and dark circles. A popular one that is especially nice if your eyes are irritated from allergies is to apply a cool compress or chilled cucumber slices to your eyes for five minutes.

If allergies are the problem, there are several antihistamines that you can try to relieve the symptoms, which should result in a lessening of the appearance of dark circles. They are available at pharmacies and don’t require a prescription.


Chamonix for Dark Circles

Of course, Chamonix has several products designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles, in a way that is more effective and longer lasting, while still being gentle on that delicate skin. Retinol is an ingredient in some products and it helps to build collagen, which is especially important if the appearance of dark circles is due to thinning skin.

As a product name, Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy for Bags and Puffiness is a mouthful, but at least it leaves no doubt that you’ve got the right thing! This version of Genucel includes Eyeseryl, which has been clinically tested and an amazing 95% of the participants reported seeing improvement in the appearance of bags and puffiness.

Gen90® Instant Treatment for Under Eye Bags reduces the appearance of under-eye bags and puffy eyes in just 90 seconds! It is part of the plant stem cell therapy product line. Platinum Dark Circle Treatment features Haloxyl, which has been shown to visibly reduce the appearance of dark skin under the eyes.

Best of all, these products can be used together for even greater benefit. Visit our products page now, where you can see all our skin care products or go straight to new Gen90 treatment to find out about the latest addition. Either way, don’t delay!